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The Zuiderzeerally is also open to foreign competitors. On this page you will find all relevant information for you as a compettitor.

Supplementary Regulations

Below you can download the supplementary regulations by clicking on the document.

For additional information, foreign competitors may contact  Daan Pont.


IMPORTANT NOTICE about the entry procedure for foreign competitors not holding a Dutch license.

If one of the two crew members holds an official Dutch license issued by KNAF the crew member holding the Dutch license can use the entry method that is provided by through Mijn KNAF (An explanation (in Dutch) on how to do that can be downloaded here.) This is not possible for crews both holding a license issued by another ASN.

Crews holding other licenses wishing to enter the Zuiderzeerally should do so by filling in the entryform below. The Zuiderzeerally organizers will then further treat your entry.

NOTE look for the exact procedure in the Supplementary regulations.
Here among other things you can read the closing time for entries is March 8th 2017 at 23:59 hrs.

Entryform foreign competitors Zuiderzeerally 2017
Entryform foreign competitors Zuiderzeeshortrally 2017
Entryform foreign competitors Zeebodemshortrally 2017


Below you will find the link to the rally guides

Rallyguide 1 Zuiderzeerally
Rallyguide 2 Zuiderzeerally 

ATTENTION: Rallyguide 2 is only available for (prospect) competitors and representatives of the media. If you belong to one of these categories you can ask for the password via mail stating ‘Application for password’ in the subject field. 

Special safety notice for foreign competitors.

We would be very pleased to welcome you as a competitor in the Zuiderzeerally in and around Emmeloord and we promise you a nice event on March 18th 2017. However we would like to draw your attention to the fact that there are stringent rules in The Netherlands regarding competitor safety in rallysport. These rules apply for Dutch competitors as well as for all foreign competitors.

To make sure you know about these rules we have once again stated them underneath:

 Drivers’ equipment: FIA approved flame-resistant clothing, helmets incl. FHR system (e.g. HANS) is obligatory in all rallies in The Netherlands;
• Safety equipment: Safety belts, extinguishers, extinguisher systems, seats, safety cages all must meet FIA specifications;
• Warning sign: A plasticized sign (one side red reflecting SOS, the other side green reflecting OK; size 42,0 x 29,7 cm: A3) should be present in the competition car.

With respect to scrutineering of the competition car: it is required that the homologation papers of the car can be shown to the scrutineers. This also applies to cars for which the homologation has expired.

Accepted entries

Below you’ll find the link to accepted entries


Because of confusion about the new format of classes and groups, the organization has made some adjustments in relation to the entrees in consultation with the KNAF (dutch ASN).


Below you’ll find the link to the Itinerary. This is a newer version than published in the supplementary regulations and the rally guide

Zuiderzeerally (bij gebruik van commerciële tankstations)

Hotel accommodation

Informatie regarding hotel accommodation in  Emmeloord and surroundings are avaiable in the dedicated page

Informatiebord/ Information board
Officiële Bulletins/Official Bulletins


An extended Rallypaper will be published with a total circulation of approximately 100.000 it will be delvered to every household in the wide surroundings of Emmeloord. Competitors, sponsors, and spectators also will get a copy.It will be possible for competitors to promote their team in this rally paper. Please contact pressofficer Ingrid van Tuijl  for details 

The press service reserves the right to alter or shorten text should this be necessarry


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