It all started with a rallysprint, but the Stichting Autosport Noordoost Polder didn’t sit still and developed the event all the way up to a full rally and from a a national to an international event. The ‘Polder Classic” always had it’s base in Emmeloord, the capital of the Noordoostpolder. In the course of time many excursions have been made to the adjacent provinces of Overijssel, Drenthe and Friesland.

Unique character

The Tank S Rally formerly known as the Zuiderzeerally has a unique character. It feautures a mixture of very fast stages in industrial estates, attracting huge crowds from local, national and international fans, and strangely meandering very scenic roads on top of the dikes, protecting the polders from the water. For the drivers these last kinds of roads offer a challenge that can hardly be experienced elsewhere. When approaching a bend it’s very hard to actually see where the bend is because the landscape behind it is lower than the actual bend. Many drivers have been surprised here and good pacenotes are essential.


In 2015 just like in many other years the TankS Rally and TankS Short Rally will open the different Dutch Rally Championships. So we hope to attract a lot of top Dutch drivers again. In the past internationally famed Dutchmen like 2013 winner Dennis Kuipers, Mark van Eldik, Jasper van den Heuvel, Peter Bijvelds, John Bosch, Chiel Bos en Erwin Doctor have competed here. For the second year running the Tank S Rally is also the opening event to the West Euro Rally Cup so we hope to see a lot of foreign friends in Emmeloord.
Richard Burns
The most famous driver that started in the Zuiderzeerally as the event was formerly called. was Richard Burns. In 1990 he won the British Peugeot cup. His reward was that he was allowed to start in a foreign event. To hone his, limited experience on tarmac he chose to come to Emmeloord, where he finished second in his class in a Peugeot 205.  As we all know the British World Champion regrettably died in november 2005 as the result of a terrible illness. But we take some consolation from the fact that this rally may have provided him with a little bit of experience that later brought him glory.
List of winners
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